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A couple of tweets yesterday, from Rory Smith of The Times, which I found interesting.

This makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? If Suarez is ‘worth’ £40m, then Real Madrid have every right to think that, just maybe, £23m is a low price for Higuain. Certainly, Higuain has less baggage and more Champions League experience. £17m is a big difference.

Then, to prove it beyond reasonable doubt, Arsenal went and bid £30m for Suarez. So that proves – to Real Madrid – that a) Arsenal have enough money and b) they can ask for more than £23m for Higuain.

There is a certainly a ‘game afoot’. And Arsenal will need to pay more than £23m if they want to win that game.

The market is inflated – no doubt about that – but that’s the market, right?

It feels to me that £23m is a kind of opening shot in the negotiation – rather than the final offer. Who starts these proceedings with their best offer? Nobody. But where I am slightly baffled is where the Suarez bid then fits into all this. As, perhaps, is everyone.

And the second tweet:

Well, it does to a point. And it’s interesting because Arsenal used to always be pretty coy about this, but not this summer. It’s a common fact that the club has cash to spend, all the club bigwigs have confirmed it, so in that knowledge of course Real Madrid are going to want more than £23m.

So why be so open about our finances? It could of course – as Tim Payton said in a reply to the above tweet – be to put pressure on the one man who can do something about our cash surplus. Le Boss.

There are undercurrents and politics all over the place. I could do without it to be honest. But at the same time, it’s quite fascinating.


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  1. Neil

    I have heard it from many a fan, but with the two results thus far this pre-season the worry is that ‘Le Boss’ will think he has enough firepower for the upcoming season. I sincerely hope that’s not the case, and that Higuain arrives sooner rather than later. Suarez is a fantastic player….with a poor attitude, plus he’s got that suspension to serve once the season kicks off. I’ve been having flashbacks to the season we brought Silvestre in….please God (and Arsene) don’t let it happen again.

  2. PDDD

    East Lower, hats off to you for your patience if you can describe this as fascinating. At best – frustrating; at worst – soul-destroying,
    What’s worst for me is that it seems to be all about strikers, there seems no urgency re: midfield. I don’t care who else we buy; if we start the season with Arteta as our defensive midfielder, our ‘title challenge’ will – yet again – be over by October/November. That should be our no.1 priority by a huge distance.

    How Arsene/Gazidis think it’s going to be ok with the fans to so openly discuss a new contract for Arsene while there is no tangible evidence that anything has changed is beyond me. If he signs it, we don’t make a big signing & we’re looking for 4th at best by October/November…….wow. I really fear the ugliness that’s going to occur. The backlash will be on a scale that will make both of their positions untenable.

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