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The housewife...
He’s back… with his duster

Come back forgotten man, all is forgiven! After six months out, Gilberto will make his return tomorrow, and if ever a player has cemented his position (and people’s opinion of him) without actually doing anything, it’s now. Fracturing his back has turned out to be a miraculous PR coup for the 28-year-old Brazilian. He’s the man of the moment (with the exception of Phil Senderos, of course).

In the past, and in my finite wisdom, I have berated the man for his lackadaisical approach and sideways passing, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that, and I welcome him back with arms open.

As le Boss says, “The positive thing [about his time out] is that when he did not play people realised how important he was.” Too right they did. “Gilberto makes the game fluent and simple. He does the cleaning work and that is always important in the house,” continued Wenger, drawing on a spectacular analogy.

His height and experience gives us something more, and will be especially welcome in the absence of Cap’n Pat, who’s got a hip problem.

Other facts worth pondering on before you head out tonight: Sol, Edu and Den are all out with various afflictions, but Bob Pires is back following a bout of flu, and Thierry should also return. We’ve won five in a row, we haven’t let a goal in for a month (nearly eight and a half hours) and, in a nutshell, we’re in good form.

Something else I’ve been intrigued about all week: I wonder what reception Ashley Cole will get? I know he’s been a silly sod, but I personally think we should reserve judgement for a while. Everyone sniffs around for new jobs, don’t they? Who knows – he may be tempted to sign a new deal with us, and booing him would not exactly help matters.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. halfNice

    Since you’ve lost all the old posts from I’m gonna lie spectacularly and claim that I’ve never said a bad word about Gilberto. No one can prove otherwise – so there!

  2. edmondy

    Should make for an interesting finish to the season. Hopefully Chelsea will lose every game between now and the end.


    Great to have the big man back, his absence was one of the largest factors in our weakness at set pieces.

    That said, we can’t expect him to play particularly well tomorrow after 9 years on the sidelines. Luckily, Norwhich are on a terrible run.

  3. RotorGoat

    Look halfNice, I’ve got them all zipped up in word format and ready to use as evidence. I recall you were as nasty as me about him…. so shut it….

  4. Shutz

    Gilberto was always quality as are most Brazilians…were it not for senseless challenges inferior (normally English) players make, he might have been alright. I think he will be a big addition to our game tomorrow. Let’s hope Henry is hungry for goals too

  5. wwale

    Hi, dear Goat, nice to see you back. I’m an arsenal fan from China. I’ve been reading your blog for half a year and I’ve been on medication for depression and panic disorder since EL was down. So I’m glad to have you back, nicely accompanied by our Sr.Housewife and Monsieur Thierry Henry.

    Go Arsenal.

  6. Joseph

    Hi big man,it is good to have the big man back.Im an arsenal fan from uganda .am not expecting him to perform well to day but am telling you ,wait the match btn arsenal and the blues you will see who is who,and it will be the wright time to compare Gil and the boss said Gil is our makelele ,me i will say that is our steve Gerlad and makelele.Ok nice to see you back Gil and we are wishing you the best and we hope you will help us to finish second

  7. simon talker

    cant wait to see gilberto back. it’s a shame that senderos is injured, because I think that is going to be the partnership for many years to come. makelelelele does it for chavski and im sure our man will make a huge difference.

    Plus I just hate to see The Chavs with all the injury problems. Only another 38 players to go.

    p.s. Agree with Goat – you never lived up to your name when commenting upon Silva, Halfnice!!!!!

  8. RotorGoat

    Senderos injured? That’s a shame. That means Cygan and Toure, doesn’t it. Good job we’re playing Norwich, really.

  9. Arseluck

    Although the opposition was lowly Norwich, Arsenal’s performance last night had a fluency that have not been seen for a very long time.

    Maybe the return of Gilberto had something to do with it. However, I note that during the last half hour, he was playing deeper in a more withdrawn role, at times taking up the position of centreback with Toure in a more advanced position.

    Anyone else has the same view as me?

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