I’ve supported Arsenal since 1979, through thick and thin, and went to my first game in December 1985 (Charlie Nicholas, Niall Quinn in a 2-0 win against Liverpool).

I started writing this blog straight after Arsenal won the FA Cup in 2003, against Southampton. A year before Arsenal went unbeaten, at a time when we were slugging it out at the very top table.

And here I am, a zillion years later, still writing about the Arsenal. A lot less than I used to (life and kids have a habit of doing that), but still going – just about.

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  1. Christian

    Hi – nice to hear you on Arsecast. I appreciate your insight. Wondering what does East Lower refer to?

    A section of the stadium I would guess, but cannot guess what is your connection to that so I wanted to ask.

  2. Jim

    Hi Christian – it’s simply where I used to sit in the old Highbury. The name stuck!

  3. Frank Neasey

    I’ve also supported Arsenal since 1979, bedazzled by the Alan Sunderland winner against United in the FA cup final. I travelled to the UK from Tasmania that year, worked in London for a couple of years, saw many games at Highbury, came home, been back twice since to visit. Took my son to a match at the Emirates in Dec 2008 (1/0 v Portsmouth), now he too is a mad Gunner fan. I heard your bit on the Arsecast last night, agreed with every word. I just can’t wait for Wenger to go.

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