Higuain, Higuain, gone?

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Higuain – long-time target, deadly striker, Real Madrid. Looks like he’s gone to Napoli.


Suarez – huge bid, deadly striker, more baggage than Imelda Marcos. Risky. Divisive.


I’ve no idea what’s going on. In fact, I’m so far from being #ITK I’m fumbling along the wall trying to find the light switch.

I’m just glad it’s not me who has to make these decisions.

Cup of tea, anyone?


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Hole Duy

    yeap ==! …
    not so surprised !!! arsenal always makes me confused in transfer window , then at the end of deadline they have still been buying 10-15 million euros rated player . we don’t have class player in squad except Santi .

  2. Jeff

    I would have gone for Higuain for sure over Suarez. I like his conversion rate. If you compare them Madrid v Liverpool, Higuain’s not always first choice, but if you look at the national teams, Higuain looks just as dynamic at that level, I think. Even at Madrid, I think he scored about the same goals playing less, so I liked him very much as a prospect.

    Suarez can beat people, but now we’re looking at silly money, so that one seems to be going sour as well. I keep hoping the French sports daily L’Equipe has it right and that Bernard will be in London for his medical tomorrow.

  3. PDDD

    Bernard ? Really. 20m for a winger when we have (at least) 4 other positions with far more urgent needs ? I will be horrified if this deal goes through as it shows again we have no idea what we’re doing.
    We need a defensive midfielder (desperately, so utterly desperately. The season is pointless without this new signing), a striker (very badly) , a keeper (badly) & a centre-half. (badly)
    Spending money on any other position first is absolute nonsense. Particularly one where we already have Theo, Poldi, the Ox, Santi…..
    The question is East Lower….is anyone making the decisions ????
    The amounts of money we have to spend has changed. Our inability to do our transfer business properly hasn’t. Absolutely shambolic.

  4. Jeff

    Does the striker need to be tall?

  5. PDDD

    I assume there’s a stab at humour there but you’re going to have to enlighten me…

  6. Jeff

    Try this – name some candidates for the striker signing.

    My first choice would be Messi, who’s unavailable, but he’s a little guy, so I’m not opposed to the idea of playing without a big guy up front. In my version of delusional day dreaming, our new signing would have some Lionel Messi about him, and I thought Bernard might have a bit of that. It’s more hope than anything else, but I’d be fairly relieved if we missed out on Suarez, although I read a couple Liverpool bloggers, and they really do seem to rate him despite everything. One of them wrote that he felt certain Liverpool would not be able to challenge Arsenal for a Champions League spot if we took Suraez. I don’t necessarily have his confidence in Suarez. There are so many other players I would try to sign for the record transfer before Suarez, including this kid Bernard.

    We need a holding midfielder for depth, but I’d be very, very surprised if we brought in someone who would start ahead of Arteta and Ramsey. Do you have a candidate or two in mind for defensive midfield?

  7. PDDD

    No-one else seems to be suggesting this guy Bernard could play up front. I don’t know anything about him but you seem to be the only person anywhere suggesting he could solve our striker issue. I assume this is based on some strong knowledge of the Brazilian league ? If not, it’s just a very odd thing to say.

    Suarez is a genius. Talent wise, it’s not even debatable whether he’s be a good singing. The problem is he’s just a hideous piece of work & brings way too much baggage.
    Either way, we can’t start another season with just one striker.

    Wow. you’re happy with Ramsey or Arteta as a dm ? Amazing. I don’t think either of them are even close to being up to the job to be honest. They’re both good players but are wasted there. Arteta in particular is out of his depth there against good sides to the point where it’s embarrassing. I know people bang on about the end of last season but the fact is we asked both of them to do a one-man job & as such were awful going forward. We only have two world class players in Jack & Santi & you can’t play both of them in the middle without buying a new dm. Fellaini is the obvious one. Wanyama would have been another one. We don’t buy a dm who goes straight into the team as first choice, our season will be a disaster. It’s that simple.

  8. Jeff

    What about Flamini?

  9. PDDD

    As a desperate last resort, yes I would take Flamini. Why ? A player who could do the job once but on whom injuries have taken their toll v a player who will not ever be able to the job ? A gamble v a certain failure.
    But isn’t the point of having all these money that we shouldn’t have to take gambles on players like Flamini. Pay the effing money for Fellaini & get the deal done.
    If we start the season with Arteta in there, then as far as I’m concerned Arsene is no longer capable of doing the job & should be sacked immediately.

  10. PDDD

    The clock keeps ticking…more than two months since the season ended & we still have no defensive midfielder who can do the job properly, one decent keeper (who’s still very young & bound to make mistakes/need a break at some stage) & one centre-forward.
    What is going on ???? Is there no-oone at the club who can get deals or is the manager so caught up in trying to prove everyone else wrong that he has way, way too much faith in players who have done nothing to earn that faith ? My guess is a mixture of both. Either way, it’s been a disastrous summer to date. Just over a month to save your jobs Arsene & Gazidis……over to you.

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