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I haven’t been intending to mothball this site over the last few days, but with one thing and another, well, you know how it is. I’m afraid my posting might be somewhat erratic over the next month or so.

Fortunately for me then we’ve not signed anyone new since Rosicky – though not fortunate for us, I contend. Ignore all that Wenger stuff about him being happy by and large with the quality of the squad and being “comfortable” if were to bring in nobody else, because it’s just not true. “We might go for someone else” he also said, “if the right occasion comes along”. He’s a wily old swine, is he not? Naturally, he’s not going to say any more than that, and quite frankly, why should he? He knows his targets, and he knows who is likely to be leaving too, so I imagine his filofax is packed full of appointments.

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few days about French sensation Frank Ribery – belatedly involving ourselves. And of course, a dollop of stuff about Ashley Cole, whose exit certainly feels more and more likely by the day. If it’s wild speculation then the man himself is doing nothing to dampen it.

And I notice that when Wenger was talking up our current squad he mentioned the return of Hoyte. I assumed, hopefully wrongly, that Justin Hoyte would be the kind of player to be farmed out on loan again (usually a death knell for their Arsenal career, especially if it’s for a second spell), but as I say I’d like to be proven wrong there. He played left-back for most of last season, so if Mr Cole does go he can have a crack at taking on Nigel Flamini and Gael Clichy in that position.

OK, well that’s quite enough for now.


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