More Crunch Than A Bowl Of Muesli

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Right, well we’re off tomorrow to face a side whose manager, if you believe what you read, is facing his nineteenth ‘crunch game’ of the season.

Certainly, I think the least that can be said is that Souness has not got it quite right yet up there, but enough of their problems.

I suspect they might actually fancy their chances; a piece of paper reminding them that we have taken a mere five points from 21 away from home will no doubt be pinned up on the home dressing room wall. In the away league, we are just one point off the relegation zone, not that I’m trying to distress you any further.

So naturally, we need to compete, physically, or we will be writing, and reading, more gloomy reports on Sunday. Thierry Henry, in today’s Times, has called for more team unity and – ahem – more passing to teammates. He’s right, of course, but could start by not getting in such a huff himself from time to time. The article’s author pinpoints Reyes as being the intended recipient of the comments, but there’s no real indication he is. Though I think we can all accept that Reyes still needs to step up a gear too.

With Lauren continuing at left-back, it looks likely Eboue will get his third run-out in a row, which brings me neatly to my final point: The African Nations Cup.

Now, am I right in thinking that Lauren has agreed to return to the international fold with Cameroon? Because if he has, we’ve got more problems in defence come January, when the competition takes place. He’ll be gone, as may his compatriot Eboue, and of course Kolo Toure too. We can still muster a decent defence without them, as long as Cole/Clichy return, but it makes things tight, especially at right-back.

Well anyway, that’s it really. Enjoy the fog.


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