Gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure

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There are times when there’s not much fun to be had watching your team play, there are also times when it’s nothing more than an average emotion, and then there are times when it’s just an absolute joy. Yesterday’s 4-0 was, conservatively speaking, a pleasure.

Fortunately for us, this Arsenal side is threatening to be more joy than pain at the moment. When it clicks, it clicks with bells on, and the reactions of the various members of the Sky commentary team said it all. There’s one thing for Paul Merson to go all gooey – former gooner that he is – but Jamie Redknapp was salivating round the chops too.

It was an electric team performance, full of individual excellence, and because it was such fun I’ll ignore the fact that Gallas made one sloppy pass, or that Robin van Persie was on more than one occasion a bit wasteful.

“If we play like that I don’t think a lot of teams can do a lot,” was (young) man-of-the-match Cesc Fabregas’s view. With a performance like that, he can say what he likes.

He’s even better than Steve Williams.


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