Who’s in? Who’s out? Who knows.

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There seems to be a lot going on, one way or another, doesn’t there? If it’s not players ruling themselves out for the rest of the season it’s players apparently queueing up to sod off.

If Flamini and Hleb want to leave then they will – that’s the reality of football these days and because neither of them do their talking through the tabloids all we hear is snippets from prospective employers. Hleb is not playing in Euro 2008 so we might know his future sooner; Flamini probably will be in Euro 2008 so he might drag the whole affair out longer to see whether his stock, and therefore his market value, rises first. On the plus side, these are not bitter divorces in the Arsely Hole mould we’re talking about – so there’s hope it can all be sorted.

Both players are out anyway, along with Barry Sagna and Abou Diaby, so what with Wenger promising to rest some players, you could probably get considerable odds down the bookies just for predicting the starting line-up for Monday night.

Shall I try? Oh, what the hell. Here goes. A pretty pointless exercise but it passes the time.

Fabianski, Clichy, Toure, Song, Hoyte
Walcott, Denilson, Gilberto, Eboue
Adebayor, van Persie

Thierry Henry loves Arsenal and Arsenal only.

What else? Well, there’s rumour this morning that Senderos might be sold, which I could see happening given his ups and downs this season – though I would only accept it if it was done in order to bring in an experienced replacement, rather than to blood Alex Song, as the article suggests. Alex Song has come on leaps and bounds this season, I will admit as much, but he’s not tall and commanding, and he’s totally inexperienced. He is categorically not the answer at centre-half.

And on that decisive note, I wend my merry way.


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