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Here’s an interesting thing: According to this report, former Arsenal defender Tony Adams (you may have heard of him) has been scouting for Arsenal in Holland. Interesting on two counts I suppose: First, that we’re sniffing around Feyenoord, and second that it’s Tony Adams whose hooter is doing the sniffing.

Since he left Wycombe – it seems like ages ago, but it was just over six months – he’s kept a low profile indeed, so for him to pop up in some capacity working for Arsenal is something of a surprise, to say the least.

Naturally, I would welcome the big man back in any shape or form. His motivational skills and drive were legendary, and his Arsenal CV is second to none. But there’s little evidence to back up any observation that he’s working for us if you read the Sky Sports story in question. He attended a game and “was seen on Monday morning around Feyenoord”. Is it not possible he was on holiday?

Or perhaps he plans to take over from the recently departed Rodney Gullet? He was, after all, seen attending a game and was subsequently spotted “around Feyenoord”.

Two and two, as they say, makes five.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. oliverchaddock

    Then again, Kalou and Kuyt are two players that would be right up Wenger’s proverbial alley…

  2. Paul McGibbon


  3. Farnborough Gunner

    I always hoped Tony Adams would eventually take over from Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager. I hoped he would go off and get some management experience elsewhere then come back to Highbury for final grooming for the manager’s job. In my plan/dream, Wenger would “move upstairs” as general manager or a directorship. That way Adams would get the support he would surely need, the club would have continuity and the players who love playing for Wenger would still have him there in some form.

    I wouldn’t write TA off as a manager after his experience at Wycombe – in fact it probably taught him a lot. But he would need more experience as a manager before being considered for the Arsenal job. Coming back as a scout doesn’t seem like a suitable way in. Somehow I can’t see TA turning his back on management so quickly – if any player is cut out for management it is TA.

    On a more general point, the lack of any apparent planning or grooming of a successor for AW worries me. When he does go (and this could be sooner rather than later if you believe some stories on Sunday) I’d like to see some continuity, to build on what we have, rather than a completely new manager coming in from outside. I don’t see Pat Rice stepping up to be the manager (or am I missing the obvious?). Recent stories about the ex-Lens manager joining as defensive coach, to learn the Arsene/Arsenal way in preparation for the manager job sounded good, but was immediately refuted by Arsenal.

    Sorry about the long posting – I haven’t got much on at work and I’m bored! OK, someone else can have a go now…

  4. Bobby P

    The ‘TA as Arsenal manager’ dream is exactly that – a dream. Legendary captain he might have been but that in no way signifies a talent for managing. He’s shown little or no aptitude in the short time he’s been retired. This reminds me of the ‘David Bentley is the new Dennis Bergkamp’ fantasy that sometimes raises it’s head. Their nationality can blind people to the bleedin obvious at times…

    As for Wenger’s succesor – surely there’s years before we have to worry about that (gulp!). Tony Adams’ high profile has often obscured the fact that (at least) one of his old team mates has returned to the club and is learning his trade as a coach. Personally I’d love to see Steve Bould carry on through the ranks!

  5. RotorGoat

    I’m sure they’ve given some thought to Arsene’s successor. Arsene is probably feeding him the right diet and making sure he’s getting enough greens as we speak.

  6. Alan

    Adams’ came out with a few pretty stupid comments since he left Arsenal. Can’t remember them all, but didn’t he say Rooney shouldn’t play for England in Euro 2004? Oops!

  7. halfNice

    Alan’s right. TA doesn’t even seem to take his foot out of his mouth long enough to breathe. And everything he’s said about Arsenal since he’s left has been negative. The season he left he said we won’t win the championship. We did. Recently he said PV won’t play for much longer. And I’m sure he’s said other stuff too.

    I just get the impression that he’s not too pleased with us. I guess it happens; when you leave a place where you’ve worked for years you expect it to almost fall apart without you.

  8. Rachel

    Half Nice I think you need to recheck your records there mate, we didn’t win the title the yr TA left, Man Ure won it. Because I remember feeling extremly annoyed at TA’s outbursts, he may have been thinkin what he said but could have kept it to himself. Another ex Gunner I ain’t too happy with at mo is Ian Wright, if he really did say what I have been reading recently then he needs to start lookin at his own loyalty.
    I do believe Wenger is not plannin leaving us as soon as the papers keep sayin otherwise why would he have mentioned his 10 yr plan alittle while ago.

  9. Vince

    What was Ian Wright supposed to have said then?

    I remember when David O’Leary became manager at Leeds he was being talked of as the next man in charge but, for some reason beyond me he started slagging us off really bad. When he got to Aston Villa he did apologise and has behaved himself towards us ever since…I think.

  10. halfNice

    You’re right, Rachel. My mistake.
    What is it that Ian Wright is supposed to be saying that’s ticking you off? I’m not sure I’ve heard anything.

  11. kidK

    he said that if he was stil playing he would have prefered a move to chelsea instead of arsenal. they were the best team in town, the club everyone wants to play for, bla, bla

  12. HIGHburyToker

    Wrighty’s on me shit-list. What he said about rather playing for Chelsea in these times, coupled with his anger that we had a banner up at Cardiff which said: “You can buy the title but not history.” (which mocked Chelsea of course).

    Can’t say I’m too happy with him either lately.

  13. Rachel

    I never knew bout the banner there HIGHbury Toker but I am beginning to think he’s startin to become someone hypocritical, I hate to say it bcoz he was a great player for us but I think he’s head is gettin a lil too big, maybe he can’t fit his head thru the highbury gates anymore.

  14. RotorGoat

    Come on, he’s allowed to have an opinion! He’s a legend. And a gooner at heart.

  15. Rachel

    He is allowed an opinion yes I agree but why make things so public? I mean it’s not exactly good for the fans to hear him say he would rather join Chelski now a days if he was still playin and had a choice, he might have said it to make it easier for his son but even so it hurt. I just feel that it was well outta context and if he is such a pure breed gooner why would he say sumet like that? Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Steve Bould and even TA have never said they would play for a diff club if they had the choice. He will always be a legend in my eyes and I still feel respect for what he done for us but just think he would take all of that back nowadays just to play for chelski.

  16. Farnborough Gunner

    Wrighty’s comments about Chelski & Arsenal were made in the context of speculation about his son joining us. It had always been said in some medi stories that Wrighty will pursuade SWP to leave ManC and to choose us ahead of other clubs, such as Chelski. I can’t help wondering if he is either making sure Arsenal don’t take anything for granted and do offer SWP the best deal they can (assuming they do move for him). Or maybe has just been mis-quoted, or the quote has been made up by Fleet Street’s finest (surely not!).

    But don’t forget that he didn’t leave Arsenal on completely friendly terms. He couldn’t cope with Wenger treating him like any other player; i.e. expecting him to work for his place in the team rather than building the team around him. The final straw was being sub for the 98 cup final while a teenage Anelka and Cris Wreh started up front. Wenger even played Parlour up front late on rather than bring Wright on.

    Maybe Wright has a problem with Wenger rather than the club?

  17. Tony Attwood

    The Tony Adams story is good whichever way it runs. If he is scouting out gems and working for AFC that’s good. IF he is not, it is a handy smokescreen as Lord Wenger goes and buys a Peruvian full back and plays him in goal.


  18. Farnborough Gunner

    The comment about buying a Peruvian full back and playing him in goal may turn out to be the most accurate prediction of our summer spending so far.

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