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The season’s far from over, but the curtains are already twitching on transfer street. Although there are no new rumours in this story, even if one sale and one purchase from it come to fruition it will be a big old summer at Highbury. While Vieira and Cole might wave adieu and disappear off into the sunset, we could get Beckham, Owen and Shaun Wright-Phillips coming the other way, it says. Wenger to sign three Englishmen? Come on!

Talking of Englishmen, David Bentley looks set to return to action for Norwich. I’m not sure what Norwich fans make of his contribution this season. He fell out of favour over something trivial like kicking a ball away in training, and then got a pretty serious injury, so whether the loan can be judged a success for them is open to debate. For Arsenal it can only have helped – he’ll come back with 30 games under his belt and a rough idea of the kind of application needed to succeed at Highbury. Then again, we said that about Pennant following his year up in Leeds…

And finally: How long was the Azerbaijani national anthem? Just when you thought the fourth verse ought, all things considered, to have been the last, off it went on again for another few minutes, ambling to an unconvincing end. It was well observed by everyone, but that’s probably because they were asleep.


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  1. Farnborough Gunner

    My thoughts on the possible ins & outs being touted…

    – Owen – likely to happen & could be good for us (awesome if he clicks with TH, or maybe another Jeffers if he doesn’t).
    – Wright-Philips – likely to happen & definitely good for us.
    – Beckham – unlikely, but would not be good for us if it did happen (all that off-field baggage).

    – Reyes – definitely going to Real Madrid.
    – Cole – surely on his way, poss to Real Madrid.
    – Vieira – another summer of discontent, and after his 2004-05 few fans will stand for it again (last year blew his credability for me). I hope Wenger brings this to a head either way – we have other transfer matters to concentrate on without all this again.

    ..but I’m sure you all have different views…

  2. halfNice

    Now that Pennant’s out (seems like only yesterday he went in) and has to wear a tagging device, wouldn’t it be funny watching him run around the pitch with this big black device with a blinking red light around his ankle? I wonder if he can get one that plays the Knightrider theme tune as a ringtone? 🙂

    I hope the kid’s learned his lesson tho. And I wish him well.

  3. Vince

    First things first….like the new site…first time I’ve seen it….looks sort of neater…..welcome back.

    Agree with all farnborough says. If we were to get Beckam it would mean changing the way we play our football and I don’t think we should change for anyone, I still believe that, when we are PLAYING we play the best football ever and can beat anyone. Could you imagine the circus that would follow him… thanks.

    As for Owen and SWP…yes please…that’ll do nicely thankyou very much.

    And as for Vieira, Cole and Reyes, if they think they can do better somewhere else…..go!

  4. OPArsenal

    If Vieira has another discontented summer, I say that the armband should pass on from him to the man that IS Arsenal FC. The one that the fans love more than the rest, the one that Arsene seems to build his team around. Make Thierry Henry the captain. He leads, he’s a good off-field role model, and he’s the greatest in the world.

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