Thierry’s All Golden. Again.

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The exciting news this morning is that the sun is out and I’m not at work. It’s an explosive combination.

Everyone at Arsenal – apart from the poor sods who have been sent off for national duty – is now on holiday, so it looks as if the main action won’t come for a good couple of weeks.

This morning, for a dose of deja vu, you can read a repeat of the story about Barca wanting Henry here. It’s a dream for them apparently, but they’ll be well aware that, even if they promise him they’ll “be your best friend”, he’s not going to move there. It would take a massive falling out with the Highbury hierarchy, a financial crisis at Arsenal, or a bid of £100m to shift him, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

The same story also claims Barca boss Rijkaard was sounded out about signing Vieira, but snubbed the chance. Pah.

And finally, congratulations to Thierry, who has won the European Shoe/Boot/Constitution for the second year running. This year, he’s shared it with Villareal’s Forlan, the man who was deemed not prolific enough for goal-shy Westchester Buccaneers.


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  1. halfNice

    It’s a shame TH14 is sharing the award. But the fact that it’s with Forlan makes it almost worth it. Next year it’ll be Henry and Kezman (who’ll then be on loan to West Brom or something, of course).

  2. Jay Jay

    i’d love to know where the players are going on their holidays, go out and sit next to pires on a sunbed, love it!

  3. Alan

    When will the saddos from Spain realize that Arsenal is not a nursery club for Serie A? Every summer one of them tries to nick our best players and just because they lucked in when Barca signed Petit and Overmars a while back doesn’t mean we’ll oblige everytime. Edu’s gone (to Valencia?). That’s enough for this year. If Thierry goes to Barca I’ll eat my bereta.

  4. Oliver

    When will the saddos from England realise that

    a) realise is spelt with an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’


    b) the Spanish league is called La Liga (not Serie A).


  5. RotorGoat

    Don’t wish to be a pedant, but realise can be spelt with a z. It’s old English. And still used in America.

    Maybe he’s old English?

  6. Ian

    When will the saddos realise that it’s really sad to correct people all the time, hehe.
    I don’t care how crap the game might have been viewed, by the way, it was still sweet to beat ManU

  7. McCool

    I’m quite pizzed off. Not allowed to post because of bad karma.

  8. halfNice

    Jay Jay, be careful, you sound a bit like a stalker. Why would you want to follow Pires on holiday?

    (Hey, Oliver, I didn’t spell Pires with a z – do I pazz your saddo tezt?)

  9. vivb

    Are Lehmann and Gilberto taking part in the Confederations Cup which finishes on 29th June. If so they have 3 days off before pre-season training commences!

  10. RotorGoat

    Another brilliant idea, that Confederations Cup.

  11. Nyamuyonjo David

    Congs to TH14. We pray that TH14 remainsconsistent and even retires from Highbury(Emirates by then).
    Ugandan Gooners.

  12. chozzer

    I heard Ferdinand and Ronaldo were taking part in the UEFA Womens Euro 2005 competition.
    What’s Bobby’s missus like?

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