Wright or Wrong?

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Well here I am at work on a bank holiday weekend. There are short straws and then there are short straws. I’ve pulled the really short one.

Wrighty, of all people, is the latest person to jump on the what-can-we-do-about-Chelski bandwagon in this morning’s Sun, claiming any player in their right mind would join the Trotskyists down in south London given the chance. “Chelsea is the place to be,” he says, “and any top player in the world will go there.

“Players can go to Arsenal. Great fans and a great new stadium being built. Or they could go to Chelsea, the Premiership champions, possibly the Champions League winners. Which is the more tempting offer? You don’t have to be a genius to work that one out”.

It’s a bit of a simplistic argument though, isn’t it? Yes, when a team is doing well, it’s an attractive place to go, but last time I checked there was more than a squad’s worth of good players in the continent of Europe, and more than one decent club to play for. Chelski, for all their wealth, cannot have every player they want. And players want to play football (see M. Kezman), not just earn money.

Just because they are having an exceptional season does not mean that a) Other teams are not attractive destinations for footballers, or that b) every player wants to play there, or that c) Chelski would want them even if they did.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. toff

    I think his comments purpose is making it easier for his son to join Chelsea over us.

  2. kidK

    yeah or saying come and get my son, I am runing out of cash

  3. Richie

    Yeah it has probably got something to do with SWP. Shit, Wright of all people. What is the world coming to…?

  4. RotorGoat

    Nice theory – but I still think his son joining his old club would mean more. Call me old fashioned…

  5. Manu

    Players want to play football .. not just earn money. You cant say that for many of them. This is exemplified by the case of Scott Parker who being quite a decent player .. has not featured at all during chelski’s campaign. He is ready to sit …not even on the bench if I may add.. The fact is he is being paid quite well at chelsea .. just for being a fringe player (doing nothing ) .. If he goes to other teams .. they wont be able to match that kind of pay . The way it is going almost every player is being linked with Chelsea .. ot create rumours to have been linked with chelsea to use as a bargaining chip with their current clubs. Chelsea has totally screwed up the transfer market.. and people seem to be ready to go there .. even if they are not sure if they will play regular first team football.

    Chelsea is able to pay a whole group of internationals .. just for warming up the benches … look at carlo cudicini .. a top class GK .. who was considered to be the best in the primiership until cech came along.

    At this rate chelsea can put a different squad out for each of the 4 tournaments that they are participating in. While Arsenal plays youngsters in the Carling cup (who had a really fine run …defeating Man city and everton) … chelsea can put players like scott parker, wayne bridge, huth and cudicini to play in the carling cup… well actually as we all know .. even the arsenal first team has 5-6 promising younsters.

    @The UEFA RULING .
    This new ruling about having home grown players will make absolutely no difference to teams. Teams will just start poching youngsters at a much younger age. The only way to even out the playing field would be to Limit the expenditure of teams during a transfer window …(to say 30 million Pounds)>???? Chelsea have spent 212 Million over just 2 seasons…. but if they do enforce such a spending limit .. it has to come immidiately .. if not chelsea would have aldready bought everyone there is to buy !!!!!!!!

  6. oliverchaddock

    sadly, i’m gonna have to call you old fashioned mate

  7. HIGHburyToker

    You’d have thought wages at Arsenal FC are surplus for any human being in the world… I guess not.

    The more Ferraris you own, the better.

  8. doug

    I lost respect for the guy when he went to West Ham.
    I got two letters for Ian. T H

  9. Redboy

    Wright is part of the media now, the media love Chelski with all their hearts. Exhibit A SKY’s disgraceful, disrespectful coverage of Arsenal V Tottenham in which Chelsea were mentioned almost every other sentence. End of story.

  10. colombiangunner

    i was very surprised also. is there no loyalty or honor in football? thats like destefano saying hed play for barca. never thought i would hear that. i agree with SWP to chelsea being the reason. hey, i never thought we needed SWP anyway.

  11. bandog

    What a turncoat (had another name that began with T but not using it here) Wright should stick to daytime TV. Gone from Arsenal legend to dirtbag in one quick interview.

  12. Splodge

    What Wright doesn’t realise is that Chelsea bid 50M for Henry, which Arsenal rejected, and Henry said he didn’t want to go there anyway. Think what a wage he could have demanded. But he’s loyal. Rare these days. More loyal than Wright was or would have been. So the sooner Thierry breaks his record the better.

  13. LoveTheGooners

    Despite what Wrighty says… he will always be a part of Arsenal history. A genious a ledgend a complete and utter C**t when he wants to be. #

    Who cares. Yall know deep down the mans heart will always be shrouded in Red.

    Role on next season, W.P, with or against.

  14. Mr D

    Don’t go knocking Wrighty. He’s not about to start jumping around in the executive boxes at Chavski and if he does ‘cos his son’s playing there then you can’t knock him for that. He loves the club and always will.
    He’s just saying it as he sees it and we’ve always love him for that. It does not show any disloyalty to us at all.
    As for the comment about West Ham, he went there because he was past it, not because he wanted to leg us over (as did Nutty & Davor).

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