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East Stand down on its haunches
The Stand formerly known as East

And so another day happens.

It’s international week and Arsenal’s input into the senior English squad is only marginally above nil – that ‘marginally’ being Gary Lewin.

The u21s is a different kettle of fish though, with Walcott and Hoyte starting last night. And I’ve not seen it, but the latter used some quick thinking to score the only goal of the night too. Whatever happens with Hoyte for the remainder of the season, I don’t think he can be too disappointed; he’s made twelve starts already (five of which have been in the Champions League), and is a regular in the England u21s. The trouble for him, if there is any, is simply that he’s not as good a footballer as Eboue. The latter is possibly no better a defender, but he offers much more of an attacking threat.

That was one of the joys of Sunday – having our two first-choice full-backs firing on all cylinders. Clichy was tremendous too.

Am I right in thinking that, assuming Lehmann recovers and no-one else injures themselves in the interim, Saturday could see our first choice back five for the first time this season?

With the Geordies having to peck around the yard for strikers and our strongest defence playing, the one thing that really would be criminal on Saturday would be to give our guests the goal start that three other teams have benefited from.

Over and out. Happy Wednesday.


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