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As the Nasri marathon totters along (it’s quite possible that’s him in the distance, weaving towards the finish line puffing like a steam train), I wonder what the bleedin’ hold up has been? All along, the trigger seems to have been France’s involvement in the Euros, and now that it’s over, it seems he’s finally on his way.

Now, either Arsenal would not sign in case he snapped in half during the tournament (fat chance of that – Domenech barely played him), or the player himself thought that a sizzling tournament might add a few noughts to his potential pay packet (again, fat chance of that – Domenech barely played him, sorry if I’m repeating myself here).

Domenech, as an aside, I have always considered to be a first-class loony. This is the man who allegedly selected players according to their star signs. I’m not sure anything more needs to be said about that, though yesterday he suggested France’s tournament was “a disappointment, not a failure” which merely strengthens my case. France were dreadful throughout.

The merry-go-round really will pick up soon. As soon as one big name moves, more will follow, as that’s often how clubs finance their summer spending. So with Barcelona announcing they will be getting rid of Ronaldinho, Eto’o and Deco, inevitably they will be moving to bring players in too – which might explain the Hleb stuff picking up. If they have made an official approach then we await Wenger’s response. But if Hleb wants to leave, then he will – and we should let him. For a price.

Finally, am I right in thinking we only have two players left in the Euros – van Persie and Fabregas? Makes a change, doesn’t it. However far Holland get, I can’t imagine van Persie will be too weary given his season on the sidelines, but Fabregas needs a good break.

New header on the site – just mucking about. I never thought I’d ever find a use for my 1992 ‘scrambled egg’ away shirt, but there you have it.


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