The January window is a bit dull

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When Wenger avowedly claimed Arsenal are not in the market for a signing or two this transfer window, I switched off. At present it seems likely that we’ll see exits (Diarra, possibly Lehmann) rather than entrances (Arshavin, anyone?), but either way, I’m not expecting fireworks. Interestingly enough, given our less than sparkling form over the last few games, it might be a good time to make a judicious signing in an undermanned position (wing, anyone?), but I’m not holding my breath.

One last thing: despite my advancing years, I have decided to try going all Web 2.0 with the inclusion of a Twitter feed in the blog (see the sidebar, right). Basically, I can text from a game, or anywhere for that matter, and if the gods of technology are being kind to me, it will appear right here on the jolly old blog. If it works, I might even gather a small clan of twitterers, or is it tweeters – no, they’re on a pair of speakers – oh, well whatever.

Right, that’s me gone.


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