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No news, so I’m going to ramble a bit I think.

I’ve been thinking about who’s off. Bright, positive thoughts as usual. Just because I’ve changed urls doesn’t mean I’m a new, glass-half-full man. No no no.

Anyway, I think it’s reasonable to assume that, even if most of the Arsenal wantaway stories come to nothing, we’re going to have a summer filled with transfers. This summer, perhaps more than last, there are a number of odds-on dead certs for departure. Pennant has not simply had a drink in the last chance saloon, he’s had about twenty rounds, and is the first absolute odds-on cert to leave. Joining him, by the look of it, is Jose Reyes, who has clearly had enough of our sunlit, humid climes, and cannot adapt to the language. Fair enough I suppose: When you buy so many foreign players, the chances are that some of them are unable to settle in their new country. What’s remarkable is just how little this happens – I remember Stefan Schwarz leaving because his wife did not like London, but I can’t think of many others who have left because London was just not their thing. The cosmopolitan nature of our fine capital means that, whether you’re from Scotland or Senegal, there are people just like you to lark about with.

Edu, too, is off, but his departure seems cushioned by the emergence of the raw talent of Flamini and Fabregas. I’d also be pretty surprised if one of our three keepers doesn’t go, and my preference would be for Manuel Faulty to depart. Sadly, I think it will be Stuart Taylor, who has fallen so far down the pecking order (it’s not like he’s second choice to a keeper of the standard of David Seaman, or Pat Jennings), that all he can hope for is a seat on the bench. He’s 24, and he’s going to want to play sooner or later. There’ll be plenty of takers if that’s what he does, too.

And this morning, the news that Jérémie Aliadière would relish a move back to Paris, with PSG. If he goes, it’ll be a blessing for me. All those accents, it’s a pain.

So ignoring any of the other rumours – Cole, Pires, Vieira, Cygan, name your player – there’s already work to be done up front and on the wings. Henry needs an experienced, top quality partner, and without Reyes or Aliadi[insert, symbol, e grave]re, we’d have just Henry, van Persie, the ageing Dennis and some rookies (Quincy, Bentley, Lupoli).

Wingers too: No Reyes or Pennant means just Ljungberg and Pires as recognised wide men. That’s probably why Shaun Wright Phillips is such a prized target, though yesterday it was claimed he’s already been pocketed by the rich Russians for £20m and on a salary the equivalent of the GDP of Belgium. If he does move, and he follows his wallet rather than any sentimentality towards his dad’s alma mater, we can forget it. Financially, nobody can compete.

So if Wenger wants a holiday, he’d better pack his bags the moment the season is over and head down the high street for a last minute deal to Magaluf, and get the relaxation out the way.

Just as long as he doesn’t choose Thomson Holidays, for obvious reasons.


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  1. Anti

    Welcome back!

  2. RotorGoat

    Why thanks. It’s good to be back, to be honest. I’ve come out of it stronger and a better man blah blah blah…

  3. lyn

    Just watched France v Swiss– Vieira waste of space just like at Highbury. Senderos-superb. Bring on the new season and the youngsters with some passion and desire.

  4. N16 Gooner

    As other have already said, Good to see you back.

    As for your previous hosts, try looking at companies hose, and write to the MD at home, explaining in a rational manner you want access to your copyrighted data.

    You may also have a case under the data protection act, as this is data you own, and they hold, and so thay cannot restrict access.

    Obviously I don’t know all the details, but MDs don’t like letters at home, so will tend to get someone to sort the problem out.

    The other way is to speak to the MDs secretary/PA and explain you don’t want to contact him at home, but unless he/she can help you save the hassle (which he/she will have to deal with) it’s the only option left.

    Good Luck
    If I can help let me know….

  5. oliverchaddock

    I think Owen would make a good signing this summer. Perhaps we could get him in a straight swap for Reyes. There’s no doubt he’s a proven goal scorer at the highest levels, and just imagine a defence lining up with Henry AND Owen to deal with. He’s had a rough time of late, but if anyone can revitalise his career its Arsene, no?

    Another player in a similar situation is Beckham. I’ve always thought he would come back to the prem and I’ve always fancied Arsenal to be his destination. Having said that, the last few times I’ve managed to see him play (last night, Real in CL, the Real-Barca game) he has been piss poor. It’s not just about effort – he really looks like a decidedly average player.

    So Owen for Reyes and a new GK are the two definite transfers I’d like to see. I’d also like to see us sign Ajax’s Brazilian, Maxwell. He can provide cover for both left midfield and left back (just in case Ash does leave at some stage).

  6. Farnborough Gunner

    I have doubts about Owen, due to his injury record and patchy form, but I would like to see us give him a try; a partnership of Henry & Owen would be awesome if they hit it off.

    As it is looking more inevitable that Reyes will leave for Real Madrid we would at least get something good out of the situation. Reyes has a combination of youth, ability and experience that we will miss (shame about his lack of balls).

    I’d hate to see Backham playing for us. The reason he looked decidedly average is that, apart from his dead ball skills (which are world class) he IS a decidedly average player, especially since he fell out with Sir Alex who was obvioulsy a significant mentor to him. And do we want all his off field baggage?

  7. Farnborough Gunner

    … one more thing. Wenger’s comments about not buying in “names” etc, and some of the players we are rumoured to be linked with concern me. I hope he doesn’t just buy some more young hopefuls. We know he is superb at spotting & bringing on raw talent, but we need ready solutions to some problem areas; i.e. we need to buy in proven quality & experience. There is room for such purchases alongside existing youth, and they will all get their turn in the team over the course of the next season.

    I also hope he does not let Ashley Cole run down his contract an leave on a Bosman. He has done this in the past (Wiltord, Kanu) and I doubt if he will lay it on the line to Cole this summer (“sign or leave”). I suspect he will give continual assurances that he can talk Cole around, until the day he walks out fro free. We cannot afford to let this happen.

    (OK that was TWO more things, not ONE – sorry!)

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