Stop starting, starting going

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Right hook:

“We are not on the market specifically at all.”

Left hook:

“I believe this year again you will have to wait until July 15 to start going.”


Right hook:

“The World Cup will not affect our recruitment”

Left hook:

“It is dangerous to buy on the back of a World Cup. The prices are artificial and you have to bear in mind that anyone can have three weeks of glory.”

Compare and contrast, before breathing deeply and reminding yourself that the summer is long and packed with fun stuff. Wenger’s pronouncements on signings have the remarkable ability to get under everyone’s skin, so the best advice I can give – and I’m going to try to follow it myself – is just to not be driven to distraction by it. Not at all.

Transfer season is silly, misleading, stressful, packed with lies and counter-lies, and life is just too bloody short.

So I’m not falling for anything, not hanging on anyone’s words. I’m going to spend some more time with my family, watch the World Cup, enjoy Wimbledon, go to some cricket, have the odd glass of something cold and refreshing. I’m going to enjoy the summer.

[How long do you give me?]


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. PDDD

    I give you as long as I give myself 🙂
    I’m already desperately trying not to be driven to distraction by his comments on Podolski this morning….

  2. Jeff

    Don’t listen to Arsene on transfers. He’s intentionally misleading.

  3. PDDD

    So everyone says. And yet when it comes down to it he does exactly what he says every transfer window…..
    His comments on Poldi weren’t really on future transfers….he spent a long time talking about why Poldi isn’t an opition to play as the sole striker. I 100% agree with him, but what’s so frustrating is how he kept trotting out Poldi as an option as the sole striker as a reason not to buy last summer & again in January…and yet now we have proof that he never even believed it himself. And all the AKBs as usual bought it at the time despite all the evidence to say Poldi was never an option…..

  4. Jeff

    Yeah, I guess with your point of view in mind, Arsene does seem sadistic. I’d still go with the advice not to listen.

  5. PDDD

    It’s advice I’ve tried to give myself countless times too. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll listen 🙂

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