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If the first half glass was half empty, the second half glass was half full, as they say.

I’m going to take the positives from that game, though at 1.45pm yesterday that would have been tricky – tricky meaning impossible – to do.

The effing and blinding being transmitted by text to the various members of my Gooner clan yesterday at half-time would have made a stevedore blush, and included the word “pitiful”. That’s how little we offered in the first 45, and, to be fair, how much spirit and adventure Spuds were showing (at least, according to radio commentary).

But just as we were lamentable in the first half, we were far improved in the second, and with a bit more oomph we could have won the game – stolen it, perhaps. But given the paucity of the first half, most Gooners will surely settle for a draw.

However, the transformation of our side was so extreme that perhaps we can use it as a turning point. Wenger certainly has, claiming “I feel the team was re-born at half time today”, and that, “I felt the way the team responded in the second half could decide our season”.

Play like that away from home and we’ll pick up three points sooner rather than later. Next up on our travels is second-placed Wigan, and if any transformation is to occur, it has to happen there.

Other positives: Pires proved that he’s still a match-winner by transforming us at half-time, van Persie is edging nearer to being first-choice striker, Gael Clichy is getting up to speed impressively, and our resilience is undimmed.

Not that there aren’t worries: Reyes lacks confidence and is desperate for a goal, while we lack a creative spark without Henry.

But still, I’m not downbeat. Not at all. Which is unusual.

Reading at the Library

Just wanted to use that headline. That’s it really. We’ve got Reading in the next round of the Barking Cup, as I indicated.

(Try texting ‘Carling’ using predictive text and you’ll see).

Crazy Talk

Diego Forlorn, anyone?


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