We can now switch our worrying to Sunday

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I think I went all mute. That’s the only reason I can muster for not mustering comment about finally, tortuously, some would say controversially signing Andrey Arshavin.

In signing Arshavin, we’ve probably smashed our transfer record, and we managed to smash the actual transfer window system at the same time it seems, judging by the gruffles emanating from various footballing folk in various newspapers.

So we have a new player and at long last the transfer window is closed – now that’s a blessed relief too.

We are told this morning that all 20 Premier League clubs are satisfied with the deal, so that ought to put that one to bed.

However, should any circumstance arise whereby we pip someone else for 4th, or send a team down on the last day, you can bet the gruffles will start again. It seems Arsenal engaged a) with a very troublesome selling club and b) in a game of dangerous brinkmanship, and perhaps we got a good deal by doing so. But I bet they don’t try this lark again and I would urge them not to. Not just to safeguard Arsenal’s largely excellent reputation in the game, but to prevent Arsenal fans from wailing and gnashing their teeth. The whole saga was painful in the extreme.

We can now concentrate on the job in hand – namely the north London derby on Sunday. We can safely assume that our unmatchfit new addition will not be thrown into the cauldron straight away, which leaves us with the usual midfield dilemmas, made especially acute by Diaby’s absence. No amount of player juggling will make our midfield look solid enough for this weekend’s game. Try it. I did. You just know the words ‘Eboue’ and ‘Song’ will feature strongly on the teamsheet.

The Totterers believe this is a good time to finally beat us in the league but it’s a game that could go either way. We are a little more solid, defensively, but the goals have dried up. They are a little more solid, up front and in the middle, but are still conceding.

Tough one to call.


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