Vieira Is Dead – Long Live Viera?

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Champions! We won the cup! Ahem.

A game – to coin a new phrase – of two halves.

First half, largely nothing, second half, proper stuff.

In fact, bringing Bergkamp and Ljungberg on at half time completely transformed what was, in the first half, pretty lacklustre stuff. But luckily Freddie is on sizzling form, and when he’s like he was yesterday, it’s a total joy to behold.

Him on fire might go some way to replacing the legend of Pat, but then again, it might not – which is why we seem to be toying with changes. Whether that means tinkering with the formation or, as Wenger puts it, “sharing the responsibility”, only time will tell.

Another player to catch the eye was new bloke Hleb, whose hard graft and willingness to run at players will go down well. It did with me, at any rate.

But having talked up the chances of David Bentley of making a real impact this season, he only went and put in an ineffective performance yesterday. Such a curse – I must button my lip.

With Pires, Hleb, Bentley, Reyes and Henry in the side, maybe we overdosed a bit on the attacking side of things. Worth a pop though.

And in the transfer world, just rumours. Wenger’s not interested in Owen, apparently, but Uruguayan keeper Sebastian Viera is an option. “He came from Uruguay, to play at High-bur-y, Viiiiieeeera”.

Ready-made song there, if that makes the transfer any smoother.


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  1. RotorGoat

    I don’t think so – if he’s so talented, why is he struggling at (I think) Siena? Why has no other team seen this latent talent?

    He’s not good enough – he has the ability, but mentally, he’s a bottler. Too introspective and not tough enough. Good when the going was good but too nervous when it wasn’t.

  2. Wenger's mate

    why don’t we try n sign Michael Carrick like we almost did last season. i believe he can do what Vieira did, is young and English. he’s cheaper than some one like Essien, and has already shown great potential for West Ham, Spurs and England.

  3. uncle fester

    Greetings Arse fans i wish we would give Owen a go i would much rather see him then Reyes who cant even pass water ,i cant believe we signed him until2009 this bloke does nothing apart from early last season he has faded fast sorry if i appear harsh but i am deflated AW wont give Owen a go he will score goals but the problem is he’s EnglishWe arsed around over bloody Baptista and he had no intention of coming yet Owen is avalible and we do bugger all this has pissed me off.Idont think Senderos is not the answer yet he looked dodgy in the couple of games i have seen him in he will get better overall i thought the team played some good football in the second half DB10 bloody hero he makes a difference and Fred looked sharp good to see.

  4. wengerball

    I remember Manninger all ruddy cheeked and the next big thing – touted universally as the best young gk in the world and another wenger find and then… kaput.
    rotorgoat must be right – that sudden shattering loss of form suggests a total failure of self belief.
    Speaking of which – a minor version of that hit reyes last season and I think he’s still getting his form together. We have seen, albeit only flashes, his talent and he has every chance of becoming a truly great player – that’s why they signed him til 2009. I, for one, wouldn’t want to se him leave until we’ve given him every chance to live up to his promise.

  5. Alan

    Regarding Manninger, he was all ready to take over from Seaman but Seaman refused to go. Seaman then stayed on forever and cost us so many games I lost count. Without Seaman we would have won three titles back to back and probably Manninger would have become the best keeper in the world. Wenger’s biggest mistake – not having the courage to get rid of Seaman when his talent had obviously gone.

  6. robinvp

    owen LOL!!! why should we sign him? if its only because hes English thats crap
    are people forgetting his 2 yaers int eh PL were not productive at all.
    his goals tally might look good in spain but if he had played all the games it may have looked different.

    no way is owen a Arsenal player, he needs to ball over his head to chase he cannot play one touch style and after that long injury layoff he has lost pace which was his most potent asset.

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