Thank God That’s Over

So that’s out pay to that sorry saga, and for that I am truly grateful. We’ve got shot of an agitating, greedy left-back and got someone not dissimilar in return. We also got shot of a player who didn’t want to play in England, and got – well, something similar.

Still, as like-for-likes go, the first of those deals is a good one, and Gallas will definitely bolster our defence. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Wenger slotted him straight in at left-back, where he hates playing? I dare you Arsène.

It’s more likely he’ll slot straight in to partner Toure – a central defence partnership I’m looking forward to seeing.

As for Cole, I don’t want another word mentioned. Save your breath for when he comes back next May.

Also gone – at least for a season, but in all honesty, for good – is Reyes, a player I am not especially sorry to see the back of. He rarely did what he was capable of, didn’t score enough, and clearly didn’t enjoy life in England. Enough said I think. In his place is your classic Wenger rough diamond – a powerful goalscoring midfielder with something to prove. Whether he really wants to be in England will become apparent with time. I guess that’s the benefit of it being a loan.

And finally, Zinedine Cygan – goodbye to you. I now pass the ‘hapless’ mantle I bequeathed you to Alex Song, who may or may not prove capable of shaking it off.

Overall though, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good business. Two players out who didn’t want to be here. And two in of proven quality.

Let’s move on now.

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