You Ready Yet Ash?

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Well, morning there. I hope you all had a relaxing break and all that.

So part one of The Rest Of Our Season was negotiated at the Valley, quite well I thought, and who’d have thought a game like that, at this stage of the season, would mean so much to us? It wasn’t vintage Arsenal – the beautiful move that saw Freddie miss a sitter apart – but those days of being The Invincibles seem a long way off now, and we are having to lower the bar slightly. Who knows, that might be a good thing. We have long gone into games expecting to win against all but the top two or three sides, and now we’re having to adjust.

Tonight’s another of those games that we need to win to turn a promising three points into a mini revival of six. We’ve got (we’ve got) Dennis Bergkamp back, but there’s still no RvP, and no sign of Cole either.

Is Cole back soon then or what? “The earliest he will be back is the beginning of January” says Wenger, tantalisingly, on the injury page, and that’s three days away, if we take him to his word. It’s all been a bit quiet, which either means he’s a way off fitness yet, or it means he’ll be unleashed against Man U on January 3rd. That would be very nice indeed, and would free Pascal Cygan up to take his intended role as Vieira’s replacement in the middle. Fast, skilful, marauding Pascal’s got the lot, it’s just we haven’t seen it yet – he’s been stuck at the back.

Ah, if only it were that simple.


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