Infamous Five need to conjure a goal up from somewhere

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The sun’s out, the thermometer’s racing upwards – it’s the perfect day for football. Traditionally it’s the time of season when we put a good run together but as we all know, this has not been a traditional season.

Of a normal year, a home tie against Bolton is like going to the dentist; something to endure rather than enjoy, but today’s game contains extra cavities and fillings given our earthquake-sized wobble and Bolton’s proximity to us. There’s an awful lot riding on it.

Never on the field of conflict were so few Arsenal fans wanting the season to continue with so many games remaining.

The prevailing feeling is: get fourth, and move on.

We played pretty well against the Hammers without scoring, then played badly against the Magpies without scoring, but today I’d settle for any performance as long as it contained heart and at least one goal. I missed the Reading game for one reason or another so I haven’t seen a league goal scored by us at home for two months and four days.

And if we could cajole that one goal out of the goal-shy five of Hleb, Rosicky, Baptista, Ljungberg or Fabregas, I’ll be an even happier man.

Some stats ahead of today’s game.

Come on you Rip-Roarers. Peanuts fifty pence a bag.


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