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I know I need more red. This is not in homage to our unsuccessful foray into blue away shirts. I just need… time.

There we go, red again.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Dom

    The place looks different somehow. Don’t tell me…have you knocked through to the sitting room, is that it?

  2. RotorGoat

    That’s it, I’ve had a new patio laid. Crazy paving, actually. What do you reckon? Blue’s nice, no?

  3. Dom

    It’s Cornflower Blue isn’t it? Or maybe it’s Morning Cyan? Apple Blossom Hint? Moody Hedge? Or maybe I’ve been in B&Q a bit too much lately.

    And I blame that on the fact that despite it being Easter weekend, we’ve got bloody internationals on. Outrageous. Easter is supposed to be when you play 4 games in the space of half an hour and finally sort out who’s going to win the league.

    Yeah, alright. Fair point.

  4. Dom

    On the other hand, it might just be red.

  5. lyn

    great to have you back missed your sensible? comments. I th9ught we were still 4 months away from tranfer time or is it just there is nothing else to talk about as internationals are so boring?

  6. Anti

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    Perhaps you can give it a look-see.

    I’ll save my welcome back for your first Arsenal post.

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