The impossible announcement

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Watching that clip of Arsenal players being abused by our own fans at Selhurst Park is really tough viewing - another low in a season that’s magicking lows out of…

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It’s not a matter of if, but Wenger

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It’s been a tumultuous week alright. There have been moments - days, weeks perhaps - over the past 21 years when I’ve thought it could be the end for Wenger.…

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Bridge over: Troubled Wenger

Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal Apologies in advance, because this is a pun-free, humourless post. “I wonder if you could stick a gag in?” asked Mrs Lower as she read it. I’ll…

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Where’s my commemorative pen, Arsène?

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Embed from Getty Images Chapeau to you Arsène, for 20 years of dedication, for transforming Arsenal and for giving us some truly magical moments. For 98, 02, 03, 04, 05,…

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Holding in and holding out

Leicester 0-0 Arsenal There was some good and bad to chew on in that performance, an entertaining but low-quality trip to the champions. But it’s not about the points at…

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Bring on the cricket

Arsenal 1-0 Norwich One nil to the Arsenal, three points and we shuffle into third. That’s a sentence you could seamlessly copy from one Arsenal season and paste into another,…

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Meek Arsenal are all at sea

Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal The baffling thing yesterday was not so much that we lost - because lord knows, name a circumstance and Arsenal can magic up a defeat for…

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