No laughing Mathieu

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Like most people, I’m intrigued to know what will happen in January, not least because it’s rare to hear Wenger this bullish about doing business. I am already busy. We…

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A welcome winning blip

West Brom 0-1 Arsenal I could trawl back over my blogging years and find dozens of examples of my morale hitting rock bottom, only for Wenger to shed some ballast…

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Arsenal Arsenal it up again

Arsenal 1-2 Manchester Utd Taken in isolation, that was a crazy defeat against a team that we mostly dominated. But in the end, it was the same old Arsenal, fashioning…

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In which I get all pensive, again

Swansea 2-1 Arsenal You know, at times like this it’s quite hard to come up with even the lamest pun to make me feel better. Something about whales, I thought,…

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Poor in the Ruhr

Borussian Dortmund 2-0 Arsenal A few observations now that the dust of the Dortmund storm is settling (ha!) World Cup focus? I offer this as an olive branch to Messrs…

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Danny buoyed

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Strange old day at the ranch yesterday, with Wenger choosing to saunter off to Rome to ref the Pope’s Peace Match while the dildo and blow-up doll madness unfurled back…

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Wenger loves a surprise signing

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Wenger has always been something of an expert at the surprise signing. You could never bet against him pulling a Frenchman with something to prove out of a hat. The…

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