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How time flies when… you’re just working and commuting your ass off. I go so slowly on the North Circular these days that I reckon I could answer some serious questions on it in Mastermind. I even had a dream about Hanger Lane not so long back – though I suppose, more accurately, that’s more of a nightmare.

All of which explains my slackness in the field of blog. Fortunately for me, although the rumours are certainly building, these last few days have not exactly yielded a wealth of gubbins, so it seems to have panned out quite well. At least, that’s my excuse for being an idler, and I plan to stick to it.

While things are kicking off elsewhere – the Chelski wallet is rustling yet again, with this week’s potential outlay reaching a possible £55m (SWP and SG) – we’re doing things the Arsenal way up in N5. Even our official signing is not official yet – despite the fact his picture is plastered all over

Actually, there are plenty of rumours bashing around the ether, and the strongest is still the one regarding the Baptist. Latest on that: Our offer is apparently “derisory”. In transfer speak, that really means, “We’ll sell him if they offer a bit more”.

And of course, Sky Sports report that we’ve signed young Armand Traore. And what they say is gospel.

Gospel, Baptist – two crap biblical references in one blog. Can’t say fairer than that, now can you?


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. mrswoo

    Not born again football surely.

  2. bongo et al

    bongo et al says:
    Good evening,

    as an ardent contributor to this splendid web site- i think tonights editorial is a rather poor show.

    sod the bloody A406 and hanger lane lets get to some real issues.
    ie. The Arsenal and their business.

    Firstly still no apology from that snivelling and ungrateful left back- cole.
    I read a great article about Franco Totti from Roma recently.
    Roma finished a handful of points of the bottom last year – and are a side on the slide – but does he want to leave -DOES HE HELL! He is Roma fan and a proper man. Loyallty does exist in football.
    Well done Totti!
    It puts Cole, Andy Johnson, Downing, Gerrard, FErdinand et al in shame.
    Note they are all England players. All under the influence of the digustingly disloyal and greedy ERikkson.
    I will never support England as a result, again.
    bongo et al

  3. DB10

    bongo et al i couldnt have put it better!

    the england team is full of over-rated, greedy and arrogant players.
    the other day mour-in-whore claimed england would win the world cup, hes just doing what he does best, talking cock!
    plus gerrard, such a class player, so sad to see u act the way you are.
    are there any more maldini’s and totti’s left in football??

  4. Granville Clutterfunk-Puckett III

    Absolutely. England are a disgrace. A disgrace I say.

    Henceforth I shall be supporting Albania. I realise this is a longer-trek for home matches than Belgium, but Belgium too had a trouble-maker in Bosman.

    As a compromise I shall support the Belgian sub-aqua conker team on evenings when my wife will not let me attend Albanian home matches as I have to stay at home and mind the gerbils while she is at her yoga class.

  5. combocrabb

    go for denmark, danish plsyers are loyal cause nobody else wants them

  6. Rocky

    Albania ?

    You glory hunter …. stick with England and stop chasing medals and success !

  7. Vince

    I don’t think that gerrard acted any better than cole….just did it differently…both sneaky gits!! Both up their own arses like those players listed. never thought about the erik son influence before but lets face it, he was the original wasn’t he, talking to chavski long before mou arrived….and got a big pay rise out of it…..I really dislike that c–t, I’m glad I’m not an England supporter, my loyalties lie elsewhere. Can you imagine those players asking him for a little bit of advice…..go for the money, thats all you need worry about son, f–k the fans….f–k the club…..f–k loyalty, none of that will get you a Lincoln Chavigator/Bentley and Ferrari will it….you know it makes sense! Can you imagine if England went on to win the World Cup…..God help us!!!

    Can’t believe some of the times you people do your Eastlower posting!!! Serious gooners…..great!!!

  8. RotorGoat

    Bongo – you try spending 3 hours a day on the North Circular. It gets to you…

  9. Vince

    And another rant.

    I was born in Highbury, lived there till I was ten. Used to go to THOF from an early age, yes, a long time ago!! They used to open the big gates at half time, us kids used to walk in but, people also used to WALK OUT!! How times have changed. I’ve been through it all, from the real crap of the mid to late sixties, our first double, 80’s mediocrity to now, which must be on a par with the thirties. Now I take my ten year ols son and seventeen year old daughter to Highbury, Junior Gunners Family Enclosure.

    To my point. If it wasn’t for all that I honestly would not take my kids to see football. That’s how these jumped up players make me feel and I think that is sad. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t got a problem with the money they earn, it is their attitude that really pisses me off…I am getting very dissalutioned with it all. The coles, gerrards, ferdinands etc. are really turning me off.

    I really wish I didn’t have the history but, having said all that, we’ll be there again this year, I’ll be losing my voice at evey game, screaming us on to a great finale at THOF and looking forward to the new era.

    Do you all understand?

  10. Harry Barracuda

    Gerrard and Cole are made for each other. They’ve both sent their agents off to get the Chelski roubles, then tried to make out their clubs were responsible. Lying disloyal c**ts.

    I’d fark Ashley Cole out on his arse if anyone was fool enough to pay decent money for the greedy w*nker.


  11. uncle fester

    The North Circ to me is what Chavski are to football a pain in the harris,Stevie G is another over inflated ego he believes what the parasites in the press say about him the England team are full of ego’s,the thought of the world cup next year leaves me cold i for one will not be watching its not that i dislike England its international football i hate it.Bongo did you really think that snidey rat cole would say sorry, LOYALTY thats a word most players could spell let alone understand it still gives me some hope that players like Totti ,and Maldini are still around but i fear they are a dying breed amongst the ME,ME,ME,ME,rats that have infected our game.I can understand if a player wants to go if he as won things at a club but what gets me is the snakey way they go about getting transfers,i would rather they said i am leaving then we all know where we stand,its that simple.

  12. uncle fester

    So Stevie G stays because he says the club really want him its an about turn i wonder if he could give Cole a ring and tell him the grass is not always greener or (bluer) on the other side.


  13. Steve

    Yeah the Totti situation…he signed a new contract but do you know how much he’s on? Inexcess of 75000 a week. He’s the highest paid player at Roma. Thats why he wants to stay. He hasnt got the bottle to play abroad, supports Roma, doesnt want to play against them and is set up for life.
    Just clearing it up.

    Ashley Cole is an utter (insert obscenity here) who met Chelsea days before our grudge match against Man U and proceeded to have a shit game against them.

  14. bongo et al

    To RotorGoat.

    If you are on the A406- three hours daily- I suggest that you use this frustrating but netherless precious time wisely.
    Learn a language.
    May I be so bold as to recommend A Michel Thomas (not ex- AFC legend) CD. He teaches Spanish, Italian, FRench Et al effortlesslty and easily.
    Thus Your three hours on the North Circular will be slightly more rewarding!
    Bongo et al.

    PS. I will write your editorials – if you like!

  15. Alan

    Shame Gerard’s pulled out of his transfer to Chelsea. Lampard, Gerard, Terry etc doesn’t work for England so it probably would have fucked Chelsea too.

  16. Lee.

    To concur with most of this page, what really gets to me now is the way players are getting themselves sold by holding the clubs to ransom this really pisses me off, cos again its all greed why don’t they request a transfer like the old days.
    But then again someone has to pay the agents fees why not the fans again, “Agents a public flogging would be too good for most of them”.
    Well done Bongo you have started another debate here.

  17. Vince

    Bongo, what language have you learnt? And would you do the editorials in that language??

  18. uncle fester

    So do you say the same of Tony Adams who chose to stay at one club was he scared to play abroard,and his wages were not as high as others at the club and Fergie (sorry to use that name) would have payed him alot more then the Arse or is it so alien to stay at one club your playing career,because i dont buy it,i can understand players move on it is the way they go about it thats what jacks me off and it ia amazing the players who are caught back sliding always blame the club.As for you Bongo you are a sage.

  19. bongo et al

    Hola Vince (mi amigo)
    puedo hablar espannol y me gustaria escribir unas editorials en ingleis!

    i think my editorials would be better than last nights debacle!
    Anyway- the man mountain from seville will be on board soon. And being an Afc for many years- I can not think of a more exciting signing.
    He is an amalgam of Shearer (prime) and CAntona!

    How do these Brazillians keep coming up with such footballing talent E.g KAka, Robinho, ronaldo, BAptiste, ronalddinho, Edu, Lucio.

    and yet we a far richer country produce such dross as Crouch, A.Johnson, Owen, etc.
    bongo et al

  20. uncle fester

    Bongo it must be the way they are taught to play they dont have the skill coached out of them at an early age dont forget the Blackburn team as good a team of cloggers as there have ever been

  21. Farnborough Gunner

    Nothing wrong with last night’s editorial – it has provoked plenty of comment, especially considering the lack of anything sustantial to talk about.

    I agree with comments about player loyalty (lack of it) and attitude. The England link is interesting, and one to quote next time we are criticised for fielding too many “damn foreigners”.

    I am surprised nobody mentioned our very own “Mr Loyal” – Thierry Henry. I know he is on a tidy wage at Highbury, but he could easily improve this if he sold his sole to the Chavs or Real Madrid (etc…). Instead he just repeats that he is happy with us, and that is more important than a few Euros extra. Maybe we should introduce him to Mr Cole?

    Speaking of which, I cannot see how Cole can play or us until his “issues” have been resolved. I’d like to see Glichy as first choice until Cole signs a new contract and makes his peace with the fans, or better still, sell the bugger!

  22. bongo et al

    Just scanning through some copies of Hello magazine.(not mine) theres a shiny pic of Cole’s newly engaged girlfriend -teedledum-or whatever the geordie lass is called.
    I could not help notice her new knuckelduster (I mean -engagement ring.)
    Its the size of my cufflinks- its nice to where our hard earned goes!

    An irritated bongo et al

  23. Vince

    I reckon cole thinks that they are the new posh and becks…..what a c–t!!!

  24. Lee.

    Seem to me we will all be very old men & ladies in some cases, before we get an apology from our big headed left back, can’t bring myself to say his name these days.
    So I have said all along & agree with Farnborough Gunner, sell him & give Glichy the number 3 shirt.
    Cos this ones not going away.

  25. Jesus

    Firstly I don’t blame the agents or the players in these debacles. Gerrard and Cole were both happy at their respective clubs. Until, that is, they got the pinch from the wives. It’s nothing to do with the agents (both had the same agents last season and the season before etc) or the players, it’s all down to the greedy women. Well, it’s not even just the money, it’s the place they live. They want to be moving around Chelsea or Madrid or Milan, not Liverpool. It’s the whole “keeping up with the Joneses” thing.

    This is why Becks left too. Powerful wife, weak man. I’m sure the agents were more than happy to pull shoddy backroom meetings, because they’d be making a mint, but I believe both Cole and Gerrard when they say their agents only followed their instructions. Except those instructions, whilst coming out of the mouths of the players, were the words of the wives. Trust me.

    In addition, Baptiste is looking a dead cert now. Him and Henry…wow…that’ll be a partnership.

    As for how the Brazilians produce such players with the poverty, this is the REASON for why they’re so good. If you’re a young boy in Brazil, you know that your best, and quite possibly ONLY, way out of poverty is football. The best Brazilian footballers had poor backgrounds and it was this that motivated them to train hard. Sure, there’s a natural talent, but we all know that if you bust your fucking bollocks off as soon as you can walk, determined to become a footballer, you will.

  26. Caty

    I think Jesus is right. Brazilian footballers have natural talent. Also….if you are poor and you don’t have opportunity to play something else because is a too expensive game.. and football isn’t, you play it, day by day. So, you become the best player. Remember: 90% work:)

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