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“They are doing well but we hope they can drop some points,” said Ljungberg yesterday of the league leaders. “We have a game in hand and if we win that then we have them on the 18th of December. If we win that, and if the wind is blowing in the right direction, and we’re going downhill, and Mars is in the ascendancy, then maybe we can catch them”.

OK, so I doctored that quote a bit. You’ve got to admire the man for his confidence, anyway.

News in brief: Cesc Fabregas’s is on a roll. Not only has he scooped (for scooping is what footballers do) the BBC London Young Footballer Of The Year award, but he also appears to have earned a call-up to the Spanish squad for a friendly. Richly deserved on both counts – he’s been one of our top performers this season, and as we keep reminding each other, he’s just 18.

Tomorrow, Ajax. Although it’s as good as meaningless in terms of the outcome, everyone with Arsenal in their blood is looking for a quick response to Saturday’s affair, and the question is: how will the boss approach it? Same team but with hot pokers up their rears? Or some new faces to inject something, well, new?

Who knows. All that we can say with some certainty is that forgotten man Alex Hleb should play some part after a seemingly interminable time out. It might also be a good time to try something new at left-back. Just an idea, Arsène…


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