Should Be A Cracker…

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Well here we are. Given all the hoo-hah surrounding our poor league form, Thierry Henry’s future and taking into account the quality of our opposition, then this is possibly our biggest Champions League game since we first got into the competition, back in 1998. It’s got a lot hanging on it.

What do I really expect from tonight? All that I ask is that the insipid Arsenal we saw last outing stands up and is counted this time. If we play our socks off and still lose, there’s no shame in that.

And you know what, I’m backing them to put in a big performance this evening. Partly because they have to, partly because it’s a huge game for all of our players, even the most seasoned pros, on the biggest stage there is, and partly because we have no choice but to go and make a game of it.

Looking forward to it. It’s what it’s all about, innit?


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