It’s a percentage game, unfortunately.

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And on and on and on marches the sizeable Russian bear: our loveable shareholder has upped his stake to 23%, which edges him closer to 25%. At that point he can ‘block’ certain decisions from being taken, but Edelman was on the news today claiming that the kinds of decisions he can block come about once every ten years (special resolutions, apparently); the most recent example being Arsenal deciding to move to the Grove. So there aren’t too many fireworks planned for him hitting that mark. The worry of course is him hitting 30%, at which point he is obliged to bid for the whole club.

He’s preparing for a PR offensive to “explain the truth” to Arsenal fans, which makes me laugh. It’s a bit late for that.

Right, well we’re off to the ‘appy ‘ammers tomorrow (hopefully with feet planted firmly on the ground). All the usual crew are out, but Hleb might return. I’m sure we’ll hear more later.

I will be some distance from any kind of internet for a day or two – so have a good weekend one and all.


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