It’s Milk Cup night

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What better tonic for the blunt-shooting Gunners than a Milk Cup outing, I ask? We can’t score for toffee, so let’s try to score against them, I say.

At stake is a place in the quarter-finals, but let’s make no bones about it – and those of us who endured the league game against them at the Haemorrhoids will agree – this won’t be easy.

That said, putting out a youthful side is the right approach if you ask me. Wenger has said that Fabregas is knackered, and on Sunday’s showing, he’s not the only one who could do with a midweek off, especially with L’pool on Sunday. We’ve got bags of talent waiting in the wings, and they need match practise. Whoever invented the Milk Cup probably didn’t have this in mind, but it’s the best possible platform for wannabe first-team and fringe first-team players to show their mettle.

Besides, putting out a stronger team does not guarantee success – last night’s match at Saafend being the finest example.

So shooting boots on, lads, and chins up – oh, and Le Boss, should we concede a goal, take a deep breath and count to ten if the opposition manager does a passable impression of the wild man of Borneo.


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