Match preview: Something for everyone

I’m keeping this one brief.

There’s a bit of something for everyone tonight. For starters, we’ve got two clubs who don’t much care for one another. Any north London derby will be fiery, anytime, without any additional ingredients thrown in.

Tonight though, we have extra ingredients.

Both sides are bruised after cup defeats. One side has not lost to the other in 20 league matches – and extending that tonight would be a club record. The other side will not much want that to happen.

Both sides still have something huge to play for. Losing – and probably even drawing – would possibly mean the end of both clubs’ ambitions for another season.

A current employee of one club is a former employee of the other. He is adored by the former for leaving the latter for the former, and despised by the latter for leaving the latter for the former.

And he’s playing tonight.

Both clubs are missing key players, but welcome back a talismanic player apiece.

You won’t have seen any schadenfreude over the Spuds’ cup exit from me on Twitter over the last few days, for the simple reason that I don’t want to jinx anything.

Makes no bones, this one’s a biggie.

Come on you rip-roarers.

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6 thoughts on “Match preview: Something for everyone

  1. I see ol’twitchy doing his regular pre-NLD “we are closing the gap”. They just wont get d fact dat they will forever be in our shadows. Tiny tots they forever will be.

  2. So that’s it. 100% official.Not buying a keeper has cost us the league.Sorry Arsene but it’s not good enough. You’ve cost us the title through pure stubbornness.
    Fucking heartbroken.

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