Finally, one win follows another

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As the stattos have been pointing out, winning against Watford yesterday meant we have won two league games in a row for the first time since 22nd October. That’s over two months of inconsistency – a patch that saw to any real chances of us challenging for the title.

Yesterday’s 2-1 was not the prettiest, but then it was probably never going to be. Our hosts, for the most part (their goal aside), played the game twenty feet above our heads, and that coupled with the fact that we struggled to pass to one another successfully for large tracts of the game made the game what it was.

Still, like at Wigan, a win is a win, and our ability to scrap away for the points bodes well. Gilberto had another belter of a game, van Persie popped up with his tenth of the season, and both Walcott and Baptista came on to good effect.

At the back though, we looked shaky. Djourou had a game to forget, and was replaced by Senderos at half time, whose aerial prowess is better than his under-pressure clearances.

So, it’s six out of six so far this Christmas. Fantastic stuff.


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