At Blooming Last

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Well, that was the third wretched England performance in a row – and to think some people have been predicting we’ll win the World Cup. Pigs might fly: As I’ve said before, we’ll hit the quarter finals then get knocked out either on penalties or by a team with better coherence and tactical nous than us. Not that I’m a pessimist or anything, but I’ve been watching World Cups/European Championships since the early 1980s, and that’s an opinion based entirely on reality.

Anyway, it’s a good job we don’t pay to watch them week in, week out, isn’t it?

With any luck our boys will return injury free, and once they’ve reintroduced themselves to one another after all these weeks away, they’ll need to get back to earning their daily bread.

In the meantime, an erstwhile cricket dunce like me has gone Ashes potty – and I’m going to turn my attentions to that. I’ve even bagged a ticket for Monday (if it happens – that’s cricket for you). And it’s only £10. Football, are you listening?


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