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Well of course, no blog entry can be complete without congratulations (and small shots of vodka) being offered to our new Belarussian Player of the Year, Alexandr Hleb. I need not point out to people that he has now equalled the record of Sergei Gotsmanov.

It was close, but not that close – in fact, our wobbly-legged wing merchant came some distance ahead of Sergei Kornilenko, who plays for the brilliantly named FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.

So anyway, well done Al, (who has in many eyes, mine included, been one of our best players this season).

Other news is positive – it looks as if Buffalo Bill could be back sooner than anticipated, on December 6th against Porto. Better still for giddy Sky executives is the possibility that he may line up against former team FC Chelskpro Chelskpropetrovsk – as may a former Arsenal player whose name eludes me.

But I did like this, in the Telegraph the other day, from John Inverdale:

Something remarkable happened on a District Line train in London yesterday. People started making eye contact with each other. There was a hint of a conversation breaking out at one end of the carriage. I swear a woman even smiled at me. Or was it at the bloke behind?

Now there were two possible explanations for this. One, and the least likely in my view, is that a well-known soap star had just got on the train, prompting an outbreak of nudge-nudge wink-winking. (I did recognise him but had to ask someone his name). The other, and far and away the most probable reason for this unprecedented outbreak of human interaction was the fact that we all realised we were collectively experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime moment. For there in the corner, was a man reading A***ey C**e’s autobiography.


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