Feeling sorry for Nasri – but it could be worse

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You’ve got to feel desperately sorry for Nasri. This was the season when he was expected to really push on after his promising debut campaign. In fact, he still will I hope – just a few months later than expected.

Now he’s Rosickyed and will be Tonycolberting until October.

Rumour has it Diaby was the one who put the tackle in. I imagine, given his own injury and long rehabilitation, he’s feeling a bit gutted about that.

It leaves Wenger with a bit of a headache, I imagine, especially as the Mirror tells us Wenger “will not be given any extra cash to replace Nasri”. I mean honestly – that’s been made up. The boss is £15m in credit this summer, and Arsenal are not on the breadline.

On the bright side, Nasri’s not Eduardoed his leg. Some say two months, but three seems realistic. Even given that, it’s not as if he’ll be missing for a vast swathe of the season. And just think – when he re-emerges it’ll be, to use one of Wenger’s favourite phrases, “just like having a new player”. Aaargh.

Anyway, life goes on.


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