The White Strips

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OK, so it’s not yellow, which is what it really should be, but I have to say, I’ve seen worse. Better than some of the blue ones we’ve had (the one with the lightning stripe comes to mind) and far better than the scrambled-egg away kit of 1992 (even though I do own one of those, and wear it from time to time as a gesture, the meaning of which I have yet to work out).

I won’t be buying the new one of course, but then I am resolved not to spend any money on Arsenal clobber as my season ticket is already so astronomical. They can’t have it both ways.

Invoking the spirit of Herbert Chapman is just pants, but let’s not forget that we sold out to the marketing men long ago. Our shirts are made in the far east, marketed and distributed by an American sportswear company and bear the logo of a middle eastern airline.

Anyway, it can’t be worse than the Russians’ new away kit, can it?


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