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What a classic Wenger move that was: all eyes were left and he went shopping right.

So Eduardo da Silva comes in on a long-term deal for an undisclosed fee – ever heard that one before? By not announcing the price, you get confusion – but I’m all for the secrecy. I doubt he cost £16m.

Sure, he’s unproven at this level, but he does sound like a man who knows how to do more than merely tie his laces up. Once I’d got over my usual “Who?” stage, I got quite excited by this signing. Is our strikeforce complete now? Perhaps not – the Grauniad reckons we’re still in for one of the players we’ve been linked to all summer.

Anyway, Wenger’s back, there’s a signing in the bag and it’s all kicking off. About time too…

Right, must dash.


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