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Arsenal 0-0 Ajax

Not worth dwelling on, that game.

That’s the Achilles heel of the group stages of the Champions League – you can end up with what is effectively a dead tie. And dead it really was at times last night. I’m not going to criticise the players because it’s perfectly understandable under the circumstances – and it was a much-changed team – but it didn’t make for the best night out.

And to top it all off, not only was it raining and damp, but those meddling Eurocrats had (as they always do) banned the sale of beer in the ground. Where’s the fun in that? Off with their heads!

Anyway, some things worth noting, I suppose, not least that Lauren played at left-back, and fairly ably too. Replacing him later was 18-year old Kerrea Gilbert, who also did well enough, and between them, they can surely make a better fist of playing in that position than the P.H. Cygan (middle name: Hapless).

Senderos was extremely good, and he looks ready for another run in the side.

Over on the other flanks was Eboue from Ivory, and he too did OK, a few loose passes notwithstanding, and in the middle, Seb Larsson, who had a quiet night.

Between the returning Hleb, the shoulder-dropping Quincy and the darting Reyes we had a lot of quick feet, but we did lack that final ball. Like I say, you’d kick yourself if you injured yourself for no real reason, or got yourself sent off and banned for the real meat and two veg coming up, so I can’t see the point in criticism. It was a night for gaining experience.

Interesting stats in the programme too for those who are baffled by the enigma of Reyes. According to PA Sport, our non-scoring £17m winger-cum-striker has had the most shots of any Arsenal player (10), three assists (so 33% of our Champs League goals so far have come from him) and has won the most free kicks (14).

And finally, a quote from the Faulty.

“Every time I play for Arsenal it is like having another Christmas gift”.

I’ll leave you to ponder that one.


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