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No blogs? I’ve been saving ink.

And who can blame me, as there’s not a whole lot to talk about. Internationally, England did their usual thing – struggle. Until we get a creative, imaginative and cunning coach at the helm I really can’t see this kind of dross changing so I can’t get excited by it. Also worth noting is that it’s a crucial time of year domestically. Nine of England’s starting eleven are involved in UEFA Cup, Champions League or Premier League run-ins. Lots of games, a limited pool of energy – where’s the priority? I know where mine would be. Just a thought.

Congratulations to Diaby, who made his France debut. Well deserved too – he’s going to be a big, big player for us. His team-mate Buffalo Gallas also played, and found time to harangue Arsenal’s medical staff to boot. “Do I have something against the Arsenal medical staff?”, he asked rhetorically. “A little, yes, with the error in diagnosis.”

We shouldn’t be surprised by this. He has previous with his former team, and don’t forget he agitated for a move very openly. We thought nothing of it at the time because, with an equally mouthy individual agitating for a move in the opposite direction, we were distracted.

Wenger will have known this and took the gamble. But judging by the sentiment across the wider Arsenal diaspora, he needs to be careful with what he says or he faces the prospect of Arsenal fans turning against him. [Rings a bell, eh…]

It’s also worth taking his comments in their whole context. A Cultured Left Foot has done just this, and when read as one they seem less inflammatory. That’s not to say he shouldn’t choose his words more carefully.

Right, that’s me done. By the time our next home game ambles along it will have been exactly one calendar month since the last one. By ‘eck it feels like it.


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