Dust off the overalls. Off we go again.

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Open season on Arsenal, I see. Albeit self-induced. “Fancy a pop? I tell you what then, here’s a penalty and a 101st minute equaliser to chew on. Pop away, interwebs”.

And pop away they have. Former Arsenal players have had their tupp’orth, and now Cesc has opened up a bit too. Have his words been misconstrued? They seem very reasoned to me, and, well, they are hard to disagree with, aren’t they?

In my new found spirit of optimism – ha! – I didn’t fancy murdering our performance against Liverpool here on the blog.

But suffice to say, Arsenal just now remind me of the little girl in the children’s poem:

‘When she was good she was very, very good but when she was bad she was horrid.’

Anyways, two observations:

– We are too easy to defend against when not purring along. Mix things up, go on. And when I suggest mixing things up, I don’t mean ‘put Bendtner on the wing’. At least tonight we know that the Spuds will smell blood and come at us. That might open things up.

– We look tired, collectively. The only remedy for fatigue at this stage of the season though is winning. Ya hear me?

Utd’s draw last night re-opens the rusty door of hope but I for one am not fooled. You’ll have to get up early in the morning to catch me using the t-word.

Put no pressure on and maybe we can play a little bit with the handbrake off.

Right, well I’m off to the beach. I might just bury my head in the sand. Tweet me in the morning.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Martin

    Totally agree with that. I have been saying for a while now…all beit to myself mostly I guess, all we really need is to practice getting some cheap goals at set pieces/corners. We often get corners and free kicks around the area, but we rarely seem successful?!? I’m sure, if AW was listening he would respond with stats that will contradict this point! Without any stats in front of me I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually led the league for the amount of corners/set pieces in and around the box won this season. I think the opposition are quite happy to just hoof it over the byeline cause they don’t fear our corners?!?

    Come on you gunners, spirit and determination to see us past ‘that lot’ tonight.

  2. Adam Elder

    So do Cesc’s comments about the board lend any credence to the theory that Wenger in fact does not have much money to spend?

  3. Jeff

    The Boss: We have the best away record in the league.

  4. Tim Merrick

    Remarkable game…..I think the ‘lost spirit’ was there for all to see tonight. Strangely we might still be in this.

  5. East Lower

    It was an extraordinary match. Lovely to see us play the way we did in the first half. Where have they been???

    Title a pipe dream though. 5 draws in 6 has seen to that.

  6. East Lower

    I think he has the cash. Not Man City or Chelsea levels, but enough.

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