Dust off the overalls. Off we go again.

Open season on Arsenal, I see. Albeit self-induced. “Fancy a pop? I tell you what then, here’s a penalty and a 101st minute equaliser to chew on. Pop away, interwebs”.

And pop away they have. Former Arsenal players have had their tupp’orth, and now Cesc has opened up a bit too. Have his words been misconstrued? They seem very reasoned to me, and, well, they are hard to disagree with, aren’t they?

In my new found spirit of optimism – ha! – I didn’t fancy murdering our performance against Liverpool here on the blog.

But suffice to say, Arsenal just now remind me of the little girl in the children’s poem:

‘When she was good she was very, very good but when she was bad she was horrid.’

Anyways, two observations:

– We are too easy to defend against when not purring along. Mix things up, go on. And when I suggest mixing things up, I don’t mean ‘put Bendtner on the wing’. At least tonight we know that the Spuds will smell blood and come at us. That might open things up.

– We look tired, collectively. The only remedy for fatigue at this stage of the season though is winning. Ya hear me?

Utd’s draw last night re-opens the rusty door of hope but I for one am not fooled. You’ll have to get up early in the morning to catch me using the t-word.

Put no pressure on and maybe we can play a little bit with the handbrake off.

Right, well I’m off to the beach. I might just bury my head in the sand. Tweet me in the morning.