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Here we are again: too late to be a Man City review and slightly too early to be a Villarreal preview, but here nonetheless it is in all its ill-timed glory.

Sunny Spain

Early news for the Villarreal game is that Nasri and Walcott are both fit – and that’s glorious news on both counts. Walcott was battered around on Saturday and ended the afternoon ice-packing his knee, but given his performance, especially in the second half, then his inclusion is a big boost, iffy knee or no iffy knee. He really impressed me on the weekend, and he’s turning into some player (just as he’s about to enter the final year of his contract, but that’s another matter…)

Ditto the flu-free Nasri, who should have a big role to play in the absence of the cup-tied Arshavin. The rest of the travelling squad offers no surprises, what with Diaby, van Persie, Eduardo and of course, Rosicky all missing the flight through injury. Ramsey too – was he crocked? Or ain’t he gettin’ on no damn plane? I thought he did well on Saturday so maybe he’s picked up a niggle or something.

Other stuff

So anyway, as many of you may know – and the feed to the top-right of this page confirms it – I am relatively active in the sphere of Twitter.

But in the spirit of adopting new things, I had a bit of a play around on Saturday, at the game, by recording snippets of audio via an app called AudioBoo. Take the audio, upload it, then distribute it by Twitter. All rather simple. I had some positive responses from around the globe – across the US, Australia, India (thanks folks) – and at this stage it’s nothing more than a bit of fun, basically. Clearly, fannying around mid-game takes a bit of time and means you stop watching the football for a bit – but pah, I was just playing about.

The clips, for what they are worth, are below. Any thoughts on their usefulness or pointlessness welcome…

Eboue fires over


Right, so that’s about it. Arseblogger and GilbertoSilver are both wending their way to Spain but no such luck for me: I’ll be ITV4-ing it with the rest of you.



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