Back on an even keel

Woooah, so what happened there? You might not have noticed it, but I’ve had all manner of issues with the site, php this, fatal error that, and I have been flailing about wildly trying to put the fire out with barely a thimble-full of technical know-how.

Anyway, fingers crossed and all that – it seems fixed. I can make simple things seem hard, it’s staggering.

Nothing new to report for tomorrow, other than the return of Hamstring, Neck and Suspension from their various ailments.

And Wenger’s adopted a bit of a brow-beating attitude since Saturday, admitting that we face a “moment of truth”. It’s a fair assessment if you ask me, given the opponents lining up over the next few weeks.

Anyone know why Baptista has been rested? Rested? I know he was injured for a while, but he’s only played 39 minutes in the last two games, and hardly a lot before that.

Good response or bad? We shall see.

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