This blogger is not dead, he’s merely resting

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I’m scuttling about at the moment in the north of England, hence the epic silence. I also don’t appear to have a computer, at least not one with a keyboard that makes a satisfying ‘tuk’ when you press a key. It does have a keyboard of course, it’s not like I’m just talking to it and it’s doing all the donkey work itself. But it has what is, I believe, known as a ‘soft’ keyboard, which in layman’s terms means ‘one that doesn’t work properly’. But since I discovered how to pilfer this Internet connection I thought it would be rude to not at least embark upon a handheld update. Waffle a bit, you know how it is.

Anyway – the place is awash with rumours but still nothing to warm the transfer cockles. I’ve got RSI now so I think that’s quite enough.

So I’ll be back soon, yup.


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