Money For Nothing (No Chair For Free)

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In the end, you’ve got to admire the Arsenal board for their ability to squeeze every last penny out of us, haven’t you?

As if auctioning off the entire stadium is not enough (I’ve got my eye on one of those big Arsenal-crested wheely bins from the concourse area – hands off, the lot of you), we’re now being offered our own seats. Let me get this straight: over the last ten years I’ve spent thousands of pounds renting it, and now they think I’ll fork out one final £19.99p so I can have it for good.

Look at the advert too – it’s quite something. Moulded into a nice wooden base, it would look nice in my kitchen. But wait a minute – that natty frame is not included. So what do you get for your £20? Just the two slabs of plastic, that’s what.

Imagine if we all bought them – that would be £19.99p x 38,250, which is a cool £764,617.50p of money for nothing.

I’m all talk though, I am, because I know what’s going to happen.

I’m going to buy it, and you know why?

A) I’m sad
B) A donation goes to the Rocastle foundation.

Cheque book out!


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