A Pinch And A Punch And No3 Returns

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Welcome to August, ya’ll. Anyone got a stomach ache? There’s something going round.

We’re all now waiting with great excitement for the exit of Cole, but it hasn’t happened yet. Arsenal are, it seems, and perfectly understandably so, not going to make it a smooth transition for either the player or the purchasing club. If the Russians want him they’ll need to register him for the Champions League by Thursday, and if they want to do that, then they’ll have to pay the asking price. And if it doesn’t happen – well that’s his problem, not ours. That said, it surely will happen, today or tomorrow, so I’ll be interested to find out if my theory is right. Will the fee be close to £15m (his value) or will the Russians pay 75% over the odds, as they do for almost all players? I’d be disappointed with the board if they didn’t manage to extract maximum roubles. Anyway, the increasingly messy business is overshadowing other important affairs. There was goal action in Austria last night as we beat Schwadorf (Whoooareya) 8-1. Special mentions to Adebayor and van Persie apparently.

And it appears we’ve also taken a World Cup-playing Ghanaian centre-half on trial. Illiasu’s the name.

And that, as they say, is that.


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