It’s time I perked up a bit, I think

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I’ve been pretty down on all things Arsenal recently. Down on our chances, down on writing this blog, down on everything. Down on wages, down on the ticket prices, down on some of the players, down on the crest (still think it’s crap). Down on Le Boss. Now look, things could go wrong again tomorrow – don’t I just know it – but right now that Bayern game has reinvigorated me. Shallow? Maybe I am. But there was defiance, some pride restored and it was a performance I really enjoyed. As Chris said on the Arsenal America podcast, sometimes we get carried away with the misery. I know I’m guilty of it.

So yeah, no ifs, no buts, the Bayern game was good. It was on the biggest stage, it was gripping. I watched 7amkickoff’s video from the away end, and the happiness is insane.

It reminded me of my video of Thierry’s goalscoring return, against Leeds. Pure joy.

And then it reminded me of the bloke – no idea who he is, but I’d love to know – who lost control of his senses when Smudger scored in ’89. You watch it here at about 4m 20s – he leaps over the hoardings, and bounces off like a madman, arching his back, off the scale bonkers. The copper does his best Benny Hill going after him.

Ah yes – that’s what it’s all about. Like I ever forgot. Let’s have a bit more of that because I bloody love that.

And let’s have a bit more of that tomorrow*

*I reserve the right to be miserable again in the event of a poor result

And oh – here I am, on the Arsecast, trying to be a bit positive there too.


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  1. Dumpster

    Yes we did play well against Bayern in the context of performances over the last few years but we still lost.
    Seems to me that the club’s efforts to lower our expectations have been pretty successful…

  2. Will Smith

    I wish the current Arsenal team had 50% of the fire and piss in their veins that the 89 team had.
    How weak and resigned they look in comparison.

  3. East Lower

    Ouch. It’s not that though – more that I’d started to always look for the negatives. Even when we’re not great – ie now – there are positives to be taken and I think I needed reminding.

  4. East Lower

    It’s not a vintage side I grant. But they did show fire in their belly in Weds. Trick now – as it has long been – is to tantalise us with more of the same.

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