Injury forecast: Chance of sun on Saturday, chance of rain too

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What else is there to do during the international break but worry?

Worry, primarily, for the health of the Arsenal XI currently scattered across the globe being hacked to pieces in the name of glory for their motherland. I am so bored that I have even worked out which of those eleven has had the longest journey. It’s been a close-run and exciting thing, as I’m sure you can imagine, but the winner is Chamakh, who is representing Morocco in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Eboue runs him a close second and is a short hop away in Bujumbura, the magnificently named capital city of Burundi.

Back at the ranch, Wenger is reaping the benefit of his policy of buying brittle players, no doubt allowing himself a small chuckle at how he has cleverly denied a selection of countries their players thanks to them being injured.

One has to jest in these matters, I find, or one will cry.

The good news is that some of the long-termers are approaching fitness again. Fabregas should be back for Birmingham on Saturday, and blow me down if Nicklas Bendtner isn’t also threatening to return to fitness for that game too. Better still, Walcott could be ready and van Persie is not far behind him.

Good timing, that. It’s been immensely frustrating that so early in the season, we have been denied so many players.

It’s been especially true up front, where our over-reliance on the ever-willing Marouane Chamakh has been another of my worries. I think he’s started his Arsenal career really well, but until Bendtner and van Persie come back into the fray he cannot really be afforded a rest, and the longer that situation remains, the more I can panic a bit inside.

On top of that, having more strikers also has the added effect of giving us more options. Talk about stating the bleeding obvious, but you know what I mean. Bendtner, van Persie and Walcott have made a grand total of six appearances all season, with Chamakh being called upon ten times.

All we need is a minor miracle – all players returning, present and correct – and we could go into Saturday’s squad looking forwards rather than backwards in the direction of London Colney.

Now that would be a bit nice. But what are the chances?


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  1. Gaurav

    Call me paranoid, but VP bendtner and theo are coming back just in time to face a certain nigel de jong…lets keep everything crossed…

  2. 433

    Don’t ask me how I do it, but I’m really looking forward to watching France play today.

  3. Woolwichstilhere

    F..k i hate dat de jong guy

  4. RotorGoat

    Ah yes, the France game. There’s some good scope for crocked Arsenal players there.

  5. Woolwichstilhere

    Hw was our russian migdet yxterday? Hope he made it, safe? Robbie made so much noise

  6. Woolwichstilhere

    Hw was our russian migdet yxterday? Robbie made so much noise

  7. RotorGoat

    I think he survived unscathed.

  8. Woolwichstilhere

    Has anyone heard of d manc’s profit and lost story? They r bcoming another liverpool. Dats y i luv arsenal, all praised to d king wenger

  9. Olumo

    I hope they all comeback to fitness, to have many options in front of goal

  10. irish gooner

    arsavin got out of der without getting injured,but played very well involved in 2 goals,,,bastard

  11. Woolwichstilhere

    Who does dis arshavin guy tink he is? Walkin around d pitch, lookin confused and handin over passes to opponents plus missin scorin chance’s. Dats not wat we paid 15 mil for.BASTARD

  12. 433

    I told you it would be good.

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