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At some point yesterday morning, just as hopes of a last-minute midfield reinforcement were fading, an article with the title ‘Wenger – Eboue is becoming a pass master’ appeared on the official site. In it, Wenger explained how “Since the start of the season, Eboue has played well”.

Slick timing: our last-minute bid for Alonso fails so it’s time to big up one of our new central midfielders – Emmanuel Eboue. Hard to know whether to laugh or cry, isn’t it?

To be fair to Eboue, he has played better than he usually does this season – but it will be the turnaround of all turnarounds if he claims more than a fleeting place in the role vacated by Flamini.

But anyway, that’s what might happen – Fabregas for the next four months is a given, and with him will be one of Denilson, Diaby or Eboue. It’s certainly a massive opportunity for one of those players – the kind of opportunity that would almost certainly not be afforded to a player in a similar position at another ‘top four’ club. Whether it is enough remains to be seen and depends, I suppose, on one of those players stepping up in a Flamini-esque fashion to the plate.

Not signing someone seems a wasted opportunity to me, but if Wenger thinks Denilson is the man to replace Flamini then let’s go with him on that. I’m happy to concede he knows more about his players than me, even if I am one of the large number of Arsenal fans who are concerned we are nothing like strong enough in the middle of the park.

To be honest, much of Monday was taken up astonished at the shenanigans at permanent crisis club Man City. It might have seemed amusing watching them trying to buy players from under the noses of Utd and the Russians, but we won’t be laughing forever. With astonishing naivete, their new owners have come out and basically said they want to sign all the world’s best players (including Fabregas). They won’t find it quite as easy as that but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a massive challenge for Arsenal over the next few seasons.

It’s a challenge Wenger has given to Denilson, Diaby, Eboue and the rest of this young squad.

Time to get right behind them and see what happens.


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